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Creating High End Bathrooms for Over
40 Years

Altman’s of Beverly Hills has been leading the industry when it comes to assembling and furnishing high end bathrooms and kitchens all across Los Angeles. Established in 1975, Altman’s has experience working with big name architects, designers and contractors on residential and commercial construction projects alongside some of the biggest celebrities and political figures around.

Our past clients include names like Frank Sinatra, Mariah Carey, and President Gerald Ford, but we’ve also done major work for Caesar’s Palace and the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.  Altman’s is a family run business, having roots in the South African community and continuing to this day as a staple of West Los Angeles.

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Altman’s of Beverly Hills

We aim to create the best high end bathrooms and kitchens possible by using a variety of high end materials. Our services include fixtures, vanities, surfacing, door hardware, and flooring. Commercial construction has become a major part of our business too. We work with over 80 manufacturers to provide the best price possible for all of our clients. We here at Altman’s are proud to offer a personalized touch on all of our services. With most big manufacturers, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle, but we know our clients and we know what they are looking for when it comes to home fixtures.

Decades of experience allows us to answer any questions you may have when shopping for high end bathrooms, kitchens, and the fixtures that go with them. We opened the first high end bathroom boutique in Los Angeles and still have showrooms operating in Newport Beach, San Diego, and Denver. We are happy to provide a showroom and storefront with products that our clients can actually interact with, and we are always on site to answer any questions. A luxury look can be very difficult to attain, but with Altman’s, we have the knowledge base and experience to get the job done and leave your space looking immaculate. Whether you need stone and tile for your new apartment complex, a high end faucet for your new kitchen sink, or you want to add value to  your property, we here at Altman’s will make it happen.


We have a variety of products related to high end bathrooms, kitchens and more! We work with over 80 manufacturers to give you the best price regardless of what scale your project is. Check out what types of services we offer here!


We work with a lot of great brands to bring you the best products around. See our list of partners and know exactly who you’re working with. Have a particular favorite? They’re probably on this list! Let’s get to working together.