Serving Los Angeles for over 40 Years

Where It All Started

Sidney Altman was a man of entrepreneurial savvy and artistic talent that developed his take on luxury design and established the first high end bathroom showroom in Los Angeles. Sidney’s journey, however, starts earlier and is part of a much bigger movement.

Sidney established his first high end bathroom showroom in the early 60s’ in South Africa. Eventually, he would find his way to Beverly Hills and use his focus and craftsmanship to establish Altman’s II Bagno in 1975, the first of its kind in Los Angeles. Altman’s showroom allowed for significant networking opportunities with others in the South African community as there was a mass exodus from the country during this time period. These early manufacturers from his home country developed the framework of the business, for which current owner Howard Rom was a part of. Sidney’s eye for luxury design and the manufacturing prowess of his partners allowed Altman’s to soar.

Altman’s luxury high end bathrooms soon became a go-to for famous architects, big name designers, and celebrities all across Los Angeles. Showroom locations would eventually open in Newport Beach, San Diego and Denver, spreading Altman’s brand even further. Altman’s evolved from its original title to become Altman’s of Beverly Hills.

Honoring Legacy

After a life of evolving luxury design for high end clients and providing opportunities for his colleagues from South Africa, Sidney would pass away, leaving a lasting legacy. Eventually, early partner Howard Rom would take on the business and continue to provide high end fixtures for major businesses and big name designers.

Howard Rom owned and operated the largest wholesale plumbing business in South Africa, continuing the legacy of his father. Howard specializes in plumbing and bathroom fixtures imported from around the world, allowing for a direct link to manufacturers and a personal touch that is impossible to match. Howard’s warehouse in Santa Ana imports a large range of bathtubs in acrylic, cast iron and composite material alongside sinks, faucets and toilets.  Howard maintains an encyclopedic knowledge of how the industry works and is able to use his decades of experience to delve into any product available.

What We Do

Altman’s Bathrooms and Kitchens of Beverly Hills is well known amongst designers, developers, contractors, home owners, plumbers and all who value high end luxury design. What makes us stand out from the others is our ability to import directly from manufacturers, allowing us to compete with larger providers when it comes to pricing. Our products can be seen in luxury homes around Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Hollywood, Malibu and the Palisades.

We have been in business for over 40 years and delighted to provide the best high end bathroom and kitchen fixtures in Los Angeles. Our bathroom and kitchen fixtures pair exquisitely with some of the other products we offer which include kitchen and bathroom counter surfaces as well as door handle fixtures.

We work directly with over 80 manufacturers to bring the best products to the residential and commercial work of Los Angeles’ most talented professionals. We aim to provide personalized care that you can’t get anywhere else. Our legacy speaks for itself, and our work ethic gets the job done. Let us enhance your next major project.
Thank you for choosing Altman’s Bathroom and Kitchens of Beverly Hills!

Howard Rom