Exquisite Surfaces at Affordable Prices

Altman’s of Beverly Hills has exquisite surfaces that can be custom made to fit any size, shape or color. The ability to customize is important as we have a tremendous amount of materials available to work with for high end bathrooms and kitchens. We have a broad range of different types of surfaces, such as: marble, limestone, travertine, glass mosaic, resin mosaic, wood paneling, custom glass and quartz.

We primarily provide our surfacing services to architects and designers. We are able to handle the scale of large commercial construction projects required in this line of work and have decades of experience getting the job done. Altman’s of Beverly Hills has established itself as a go-to for this type of work, providing such products for apartments, condominiums, and residences. Our exquisite surfaces will stand out among the competition and in both price and quality.

Surfacing work from Altman’s of Beverly Hills can be seen all throughout Los Angeles and are true examples of luxury design done right. We have a high success rate on all of our projects and clients absolutely love our exquisite surfaces. We’ve done flooring, countertops and more for a variety of commercial construction projects to fit with the aesthetic and theme of high end bathrooms and kitchens. For instance, wood panel flooring is a favorite among the designers and architects we work with to fit with seek and simple designs in kitchen and bath. If you absolutely need surfaces of a higher caliber, you need Altman’s of Beverly Hills.

Affordable luxury bathrooms and kitchens are not out of the scope of your next major project! Altman’s will import directly from manufacturers and provide a personalized service that will leave you feeling happy and secure with your surfacing selection. Our materials are premium, our application for them is dynamic, and our finished work speaks for itself. Visit Altman’s or request a quote right here on the website to get started on getting the most exquisite surfaces for your project’s needs.

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